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Solving the privacy scalability problem

We provide tools to define data, data flows, implement privacy requirements, identify privacy risks, conduct privacy impact assessments, and demonstrate compliance


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In the Past: Code First, Privacy …?

Data Privacy Problem

If your company collects, uses, or processes personal data, or consults with companies that do, then you have a data privacy problem.

Risks & Fines

If you don’t get it right, you risk fines and potentially large rework costs - assuming your company survives the negative exposure.  How do you know you’ve gotten it right? 

A Modeling Tool

Epistimis Modeling Tool (EMT) automatically applies all the relevant rules to your process design. You get your PIA in seconds


What We do

We make privacy assessments easy

Epistimis makes Epistimis Modeling Tool (EMT), a tool for process design and evaluation. EMT does for (software) processes what Electronic Design Automation (EDA)  tooling does for chip design.

Make your Privacy Process Scalable with EMT

Before EMT, you might be able to use a template, a checklist or even a workflow, but you still had to rely on responses from people throughout your organization – for whom this is not a priority. And you have to repeat this process every time:

  1. The process changes.
  2. The jurisdictions where it’s used change.
  3. The rules change.




Data and Data Flow Process Design

Instead of struggling with trying to figure out what someone did in some code, now you can design your data flows in a tool that understands data privacy rules


Simplified Governance

Automate application of privacy rules regardless of jurisdiction


Operationalize privacy management

Make privacy compliance part of your CI/CD process


This sounds complicated! I’m not a software developer!

EMT is specifically designed to be easy to use. But you don’t have to learn it if you don’t want to. We can train you to use EMT or we can work with you to create your process design. 


What about my Privacy Policy? I need something special.

No problem! We may already have the rules you need. Besides legal rules, we supply rules for many common privacy policy commitments. If we don’t have them. we can teach you how to write rules for your policy or we can work with you to create them. 


I like it but what about the code I’ve already got?

We’ve can work with you to reverse engineer / data map the code you have. And create processes to continuously compare your code base to your conceptual model so they don’t get out of synch.